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Meet Your Therapist

Brenda Throop CTMT, CSMT, SCMT is a multi-level certified canine massage therapist. These certifications provide extensive, specialized training in canine therapeutic massage therapy, massage therapy for canine athletes or highly active dogs and massage therapy for senior dogs. Brenda has also received additional training in essential oil use for animals.

What can massage therapy do for your dog?

Canine massage therapy can benefit your dog in many ways.  Some of these can include:

*Relieving pain and stiffness from arthritis or injury

* Aid in healing from injury or surgery

*Maintain muscle tone

*Maintain/increase flexibility and range of motion

*Increase circulation of blood and lymph

*Improve immune system function

*Provide stress relief and provide emotional support

*Increase quality of life

*Aid in end of life transition

How can you get started?

Contact All About The Dog Massage & Wellness. I will meet with you and your dog in an initial consultation.   This will give you time to have your questions answered. I will also use this time to take a detailed health history and get to know your dog.  After that, we schedule your dog's massage session!

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1.  Where are you located?

All About The Dog Massage & Wellness is completely mobile.  I come to your location, where your dog feels most comfortable.

2.  Is canine massage therapy more than petting my dog?

Petting your dog is vitally important for both pleasure and bonding.  Massage techniques utilize knowledge of anatomy and function combined with intention, pressure and different strokes to bring about results.

3.  What if my dog won't be still for the massage?

Each dog reacts differently to massage therapy.  Some dogs are still during the massage and some would rather move around.  The massage session will be tailored to your dog and their needs specifically.  More information is discussed in detail at our first visit.

4.  How do I know if massage therapy is right for my dog?

Canine massage therapy can be a wonderful complementary addition to all the things you do to keep your dog healthy.  Canine massage therapy is not a substitute for regular veterinary care and canine massage therapists do not diagnose illness or injury.  If you are unsure, discussing canine massage therapy with your veterinarian is an excellent place to start.

5.  How often should my dog receive a massage?

We will discuss your dog's specific needs at our initial consultation. The frequency of massage can range from shorter sessions several times per week to once monthly for maintenance massage.

6.  How can I contact you?

You can use the contact form on this website, you can call  (406) 600-4929, send email  to: [email protected] or check AATD out on our Facebook page at​

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